Rayn Heunes | IBM Trainer Profile

Rayn Heunes - Middleware & Applications

Rayn Heunes is an IBM instructor with a passion for teaching and transferring knowledge to people, having spent
several years in the training and consulting markets whilst interacting with fellow professionals has cultivated a sense
of responsibilty and dedication to deliver thourough and professional training.

Rayn primarily focuses on the IBM Middleware range and the applications and business tools that run and utilize these
components, and has had some notable engagements with customers in African and South Africa.

"It is evident that in the near future (not more than 5 years) the way we do business and interact with systems will change,
creating a new platform for technologies and methodologies to become more efficient, productive whilst offering insight and direction to companies and their
employees. This is where we need to focus and grow from, and training plays an important role in achieving that."

Course Portfolio:

WebSphere Application Server

IBM Business Process Manager

IBM DataPower Gateways

IBM Message Queue

IBM Maximo Asset Management


Spectrum Protect

IBM Blockchain